Backflow Testing

BACKFLOW TESTING Backflow Testing - Portland, ORTo insure our water system is clean and safe for us to use, backflow prevention devices are installed to prevent our water system from running backwards and contaminating our water supply. State regulations require that backflow devices be tested annually. Normally our water supply flows in one direction but in some circumstances it can flow in the wrong direction back into the public water distribution system. When this occurs it can contaminate our water system. Backflow can be caused water pressure drop, broken water main, pipe freeze, or a unexpected high demand on our water system. When backflow does occur, the water in the system is often non potable, and un safe for us to use. CROSS CONNECTION Plumbing cross connections are any connections between a non potable water source and our potable water supply. Common cross connections can be our homes irrigation system, pools, hot tubs, outside faucets, ponds, and boilers just to name a few. In a cross connection a backflow device is required so our water's taste is not affected, and harmful chemicals do not enter out water supply. A cross connection can contaminate our water supply and have the potential of spreading disease. Because our water pipe systems are continouly being altered this can be a huge problem in our homes. Our licensed technicians and plumbers are here to test your backflow device, and make any necessary repairs. When you receive your reminder letter, give Advanced Mechanical a call and schedule a appointment and we will process all the required paperwork and notify your local utility For more info on Backflow testing visit the Oregon Health Authority's website. McMinnville Or,  Sherwood Or,  Willamina Or, Grand Ronde Or, Dundee Or, Carlton Or, Yamhill Or, Newberg Or, Hillsboro Or, Beaverton Or, Dallas Or, Independence Or, Tualatin Or